Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet

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Short and Sweet
  • 5- Minute No-Weight Arm Toning

    This quick, body weight only class will tone your arms in just 5 minutes. It's great for traveling or when you're on the go!

  • 10 Minute Quick Core

    This quick core workout focuses on engaging and activating your core. These movements are designed to build core strength and stability, and prepare your body to move throughout your day.

  • Standing Core

    This core workout works 360 degrees of your core on your feet and focuses on balance, alignment, posture, proprioception, and FBI - full body integration.

  • 10 Minute Apartment Friendly Cardio

    This is a 10-minute low-impact cardio circuit that includes 5 different exercises to get your blood pumping, your mind clear, and your entire body energized!

  • 10 Minute Tush Lift

    This workout will strengthen and tone your glutes in just 10 minutes. Pair this with Standing Core, Quick Core, or Abs and Arms.

  • Abs and Arms

    This video focuses on the abdominals and arms using FBI - Full Body Integration.


    This quick video is designed to correct posture, open the chest, elongate the spine, and create core stability. Let's counteract all of the time we spend in front of our screens!