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  • Morning Moves

    How we start our morning is key to setting the tone for the day. When starting each day with mindfulness of breath and body, it sets us up for success: Success in how we feel, how we function, and how we show up in life. This video is designed to get you feeling centered, stable, strong, and read...

  • Evening Unwind

    This is a calming and restorative-based class designed to help you unwind from a busy day and prepare the body for rest. However it can be done at any time of day to improve mental clarity, relaxation, and freedom of movement. The aim is to open up the body and calm the mind to achieve a more res...

  • Get Up and Flow- Jessica's Favorite Morning Sequence

    I love to start my day with mindful movement and this is my go-to sequence to do just that! It's a mix of The Core ExpertTM Method, Pilates, and Yoga Flow with an emphasis on proper body mechanics. Plus, it's a great way to set the tone for the day in body, mind, and spirit.