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  • Pilates Mini Mat

    This is a portion of the classical Pilates mat work with some modifications. Defined as a way to thoroughly unify, and elevate the body, mind, and spirit, Pilates mat work is the Alpha and Omega of core workouts.

    Just about every benefit the Pilates method has to offer can be achieved through ma...

  • Low Back Health

    Back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. At some point in our lives, about 80% of adults experience often debilitating low back pain.

    This sequence utilizes proper mechanics of core work so you can help heal or prevent low back pain, and function at a higher level.

  • Pilates Sculpt

    Sweat, sculpt and smile in one of my most requested classes. This sequence is rooted in Classical Pilates and ties in elements of toning, sculpting, and barre work, with an emphasis on continuous movement and flow.

  • Pilates Playlist

    This class is made up of some of my favorite Classical Mat Pilates and Reformer exercises. This class will get you strong, centered, focused, aligned, and feeling great while invigorating you in body, mind, and spirit.

  • Chair Pilates

    This is a twist on the classical Pilates exercises we do on the mat and on the reformer. While still a very challenging sequence, this class is user friendly for those who prefer to not be on the floor.


    Strengthen, lengthen, and tone the muscles of your legs with this sequence made up of exercises rooted in dance, pilates, and barre.


    This video offers a handful of corrective posture exercises, core stability, and chest opening exercises that will counteract all of the time we spend in front of our screens in a very forward-facing position.