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  • Bosu Ball Bootcamp

    If there is only one piece of home gym equipment that you will ever buy, make it a Bosu Ball! It will provide the most comprehensive workout every time. This workout includes cardio, arms, legs, abs, balance, and more. And the best part is every single exercise requires challenging core strength,...

  • Hard Core Flow

    Jessica designed this class to improve core strength and core stability. A strong and stable core improves posture, athletic performance, everyday function and well-being, and helps to prevent low back pain.

  • Plankapalooza

    This is a 10 minute plank challenge with varying planks. This video was designed to have you challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and find out what you're capable of.

  • Dancers Legs

    This video will help you get long, lean, toned muscles and legs and these are all exercises rooted in dance, Pilates, and barre exercises.

  • The Core Expert™ Method 2.0

    This is a FULL BODY movement experience. All movement starts at the CORE connecting body, mind, spirit. This is a FBI (Full Body Integration) workout.

  • HIIT Workout

    This is a cardio circuit. It is a full body workout using your own body weight. We will be doing intervals. This video does NOT have a warmup. If you need a warmup, in conjunction with this video, click on one of my shorter Yoga or Pilates videos to get your body warmed up.

  • Abs and Arms

    This is a fun video focusing on exercises that strengthen your abs and arms.

  • Standing Lower Body

    This entire workout sequence is designed to do standing. We will not be on the mat at all. It focuses on strengthening and toning your lower body.

  • Pilates Yoga Flow

    This workout is for those days when you can't decide between doing Pilates or Yoga. It is a great combo of the two disciplines.