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  • Bosu Ball Bootcamp

    This comprehensive workout includes cardio, arms, legs, abs, balance, coordination, and more. Thanks to the Bosu Balls unstable surface every single exercise challenges core strength, control, and stability- an extremely important factor when it comes to feeling and functioning better. If there i...

  • Hard Core Flow

    This signature class is a take on the Core Expert™ Method that is designed to improve core strength and core stability, in a full-body workout. The Core Expert™ Method is rooted in Pilates and ties in elements of biomechanics of functional fitness. A strong and stable core improves posture, athle...

  • Plankapalooza

    This sequence is a 10-minute plank challenge designed to get you out of your comfort zone. Working 360 degrees of your core this class provides many plank variations and pushes you to your edge.

  • HIIT Workout

    This is a challenging full-body cardio circuit, which consists of high-intensity interval training. Make sure you warm up on your own or with another one of my other videos, as this video does not include a warmup or cool-down.

  • Abs and Arms

    Just like it sounds! An abs and arms sequence using FBI- Full Body Integration.

  • Standing Lower Body

    This sequence focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles of your lower body while standing. This helps improve balance, coordination, and control while getting in a nice little sweat!

  • Pilates Yoga Flow

    Can't decide between Pilates and Yoga, well you don't have to! This sequence is a great combination of the two disciplines.


    Strengthen, lengthen, and tone the muscles of your legs with this sequence made up of exercises rooted in dance, pilates, and barre.

  • The Core Expert™ Method 2.0

    This is one of my most challenging classes. The Core Expert™ Method is a full-body movement experience rooted in Pilates, and ties in elements of biomechanics of functional fitness. Sweat, sculpt and smile through continuous movement and flow that will invigorate the body, mind, and spirit.