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  • Active Agers

    This class was originally created for my parents! It's structured for the aging community to support healthy mobility, stability, strength, flexibility, and promote better coordination and balance. This is a light-weight cardio-based workout designed to be comprehensive and fun for anyone!

  • Sit to Fit

    Movement while sitting in a chair is for those with limited mobility due to injury, illness, special needs, or for those just getting back to movement. This gentle and non-impact class will allow your body to engage in simple movements rooted in mobility, stability, and function, all while streng...

  • Ageless Yoga

    This class offers the fundamentals of yoga while sitting in a chair. If you are recovering from an injury, have limited mobility, or have not been moving a lot lately and you want to work in a more restorative, calm way, then this is the class for you!

  • Pelvic Floor

    The muscles of our pelvic floor keep our uterine organs in place and support our pelvis and our spine, and importantly, these muscles help protect our bodies in regular everyday activities as well as strenuous exercise. Get to know your pelvic floor!

  • Chair Pilates (Limited Mobility)

    This is a simple and gentle sequence done entirely in a chair to learn the basics of Pilates. You will learn foundational movements to strengthen your core and your entire musculoskeletal system while connecting deeply with your breath and your body as a whole.